On Saturday February 22nd our First Ever 90-Minute Burn Extended class was underway! This class was designed with intent to give back to those clients who have been asking for a way to take their own Burn workouts to the next level. This class was not designed for the faint of heart, and required you have taken a minimum of five Burn classes so as to be comfortable with the increased pace of the class.

Everyone who showed up, rolled up their sleeves (or more pulled up the spandex), took a deep breath, and jumped right into the challenge. 90 Minutes of sweat, springs, and extended cardio flew by with everyone pushing to the max. The energy in the room was truly electric. All in all, the entire experience was a complete success and we hope to have additional 90-Minute Extended classes throughout the year, being led by various instructors.

Preparing for such an event should have some forethought, and below I have included a few tips specifically for our next Burn-90 Minute Extended class.

  1. Train Specifically
    • If you are going to exercise for ninety minutes at a time, you will want to build up your “base” progressively and gradually, adding on from your 55-Minute class towards your 90-Minute class. Adding in a 5-10 minute jog to class or after class can be ways to begin to build up stamina for a 90-minute Burn class. As the day nears you can add in a few minutes to your warm up or cool down time outside of class to acclimate your body to the ability of doing “work” for 90 straight minutes.
    • Track your progress and begin to build your Burn-Specific stamina with at least three to four classes a week, a few weeks leading up to the event.
  2. Properly Fuel + Hydrate
    • I can’t tell you how important it is to help your body fuel itself when you are going to be entering a longer than average physical activity. This doesn’t necessarily mean you must carb-load the night before or bring a six-pack of Gatorade to the event. Drinking adequate amounts of water the day prior and being sure to have a properly balanced meal at least an hour before the workout should be fine. Try to include both protein (muscle building) and carbohydrates (energy) in your meal. Be sure to drink plenty of water during the event. Remember- by the time your body tells you it’s “thirsty” it’s actually been thirsty for quite some time. 
  3. Listen to your body
    • You do not need, nor should you be doing 90-minutes of high intensity work repeatedly. Even the most trained athletes have times of “deperiodization” where they begin to taper back from their high intensity training allowing their bodies time recover.  
    • Taking seven Burn classes in a row won’t necessarily prepare your body for a 90-Minute class. In fact, taking the day off, to allow your body to rest, prior to the 90-Minute class can leave you feeling like you have more energy and “fresh” muscles to move with once in the class.
  4. Don’t forget about the mental game!
    • Don’t fret too much! Burn is designed specifically to increase your endurance and stamina with it’s full body movements both combination, isolation, and explosive in nature.
    •  Remember that the voice inside your head should be saying words of support and encouragement, and visualizing yourself completing each exercise can help you push through those final ten seconds.
    •  If you need a little extra encouragement, look to the person next to you and across from you putting out their energy. Let their effort encourage you to keep moving– and in the end, be proud for showing up, working hard, and pushing yourself towards accomplishing a new goal. 

-Until next time

Rachael Frank

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