While most of my fridge is packed with “kid food” and beer Jason brews, I can never be without the following:

1.  Sparkling water- I drink A LOT of water.  Sparkling water helps me stay hydrated.  I drink it at night with lemon and cucumber as an alternative to alcohol.
2.  Half and Half- Yea, I drink A LOT of coffee too.  I don’t like sugar in my coffee but I need a ton of half and half to make it just right.
3.  Wine and/or champagne-  enough said.
4.  Kombucha- I usually drink Kombucha Mon-Wed afternoons, which are my longest work days. I teach, attend lots of meetings, and then I spend a lot of time in my car, in traffic, shuttling my kids around.  I start to hit a wall by 3:30 and Kombucha helps me get over it.
5.  yogurt- Wallaby Greek Whole Milk Vanilla is my current favorite.
6.  apples-  I eat at least one per day.  I love them, and they make my teeth feel clean (is that weird?)
7.  Fresh fruit and veg from Full Circle Farms weekly Home Delivery- I love these guys.  You get a story about the farms the food comes from, and my sister used to volunteer there with her middle school students.
8.  Sunflower seed butter- My daughter is allergic to peanuts, so we’ve had to make the switch to Sunflower butter.  I have it on toast every day and try to fool myself into thinking it’s peanut butter.
9.  Turkey, chicken, steak,- I never know which type of animal protein my kids will suddenly hate, so I like to have a bit of each to make sure they get some meat in their diet.
10.  Cheese- I eat a slice or 2 in the afternoon when I feel kind of hungry and tired.  Makes me feel much better and tides me over till dinner.
11.  Eggs-I hard boil them and pack them in my lunch in the morning.  The complete protein helps me feel fuller longer.
12.  Sprouted 7 grain wraps- I eat mostly sprouted wheat because it doesn’t spike blood sugar.  I’m not low carb or gluten free, but I do try to stay away from unsprouted and refined bread/wraps with lots of added sugar.

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