This week’s post comes from Burn Instructor and Health Coach Kate Loughlin.

We all know that we should be sleeping 7–8 hours per night. We also know that sleep has been shown to affect nearly every aspect of our health: both physically and emotionally. I won’t bother giving you a list of maladies that can be contributed to sleep (although both acne and low sex drive are on the list!), but instead I’ll ask the question: why aren’t we just sleeping?

The Center for Disease Control has listed sleep deprivation as a public health epidemic. Sleep is the third most important ingredient in our health after diet and exercise. It’s crucial, it’s free and it’s LOVELY. So the question again is, why aren’t we sleeping enough?

Most of us believe that we’ve adjusted to sleeping less, that we can get away with it, or that we can catch up on the weekends. The reality is that our cognitive ability is impaired after even a few nights of sleeping for only 6 hours.

Of course there will always be nights when we are not able to sleep a full eight hours, or even close to it. But we should also remember that whenever possible, sleep should be a priority right up there with diet and exercise to optimize your health, intellect, and beauty.

This week’s challenge: Pick a night this week and ensure that you get 8 hours of sleep. Know what time you need to wake up, count backwards, and just do it.

Bonus challenge: Don’t use your iPhone or computer for 1 hour before you go to bed. This will especially help if you’re trying to go to bed significantly earlier than you usually do!


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