The Power of the Burn Community

This past weekend, I watched San Francisco 2.0, a documentary examining the impact tech has had on SF recently. It got me thinking a lot about what life looks like in a city that is shifting away from the values it originally stood for. Being a Bay Area native and also working in tech, I can tangibly acknowledge these effects when conversations revolve less around authentic relationships and more on startup funding, of course, all of the increases in rent.

With this large shift towards technological isolation and having to hustle harder to afford this city, it’s so incredibly refreshing to be part of the Burn community. I first tried Burn via ClassPass and out of all the studios I went to, I felt the largest sense of community at Burn.

I see it every Tuesday when I come to Lisa’s class on Irving street. The conversations after class are spirited and focus on which schools their children attend or if they’ve checked out the new restaurant in the hood. Everyone is thrilled to see one another, as I’m sure these workout sessions have been part of their daily routine for years.


And, it’s great to see it online as well with the #6weeks2Burn Facebook group. It’s awesome to read the stories on how this community has prioritized Burn into their daily lives. I’ve been moved in how everyone has come together to cheer each other on, and the ability for individuals to share on what drives them to push themselves harder in class.


I’ve only been taking classes at Burn for a year and a half, but the power of community and inclusive spirit is truly special.

-Kate Talbot

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