As many of you know, my most recent obsession is my heart rate monitor.  I wear it everywhere, and I am fascinated by how many calories I burn (or don’t burn) as I go about my day.  I especially love to see how many calories I burn at the end of a Burn class.  I always feel like I’ve worked hard, but it’s nice to have an additional bit of validation.  I’ve also started thinking differently about what many people refer to as the Afterburn, a post-workout metabolic increase.  I know that the 55 minutes I spend at Burn average 500 calories, but I guess I’ve always assumed that once I leave the studio, I go back to my normal caloric expenditure rate, which averages anywhere from 70-95 calories per hour.

Burn and Burn Some More

This morning, I decided to track my heart rate during and after a Burn class.  I’m happy to report that the Afterburn hype held up!!  I took Nichole’s class (wow) and I burned 495 calories, and in the hour following her class, I burned 169, almost double the average amount I normally burn.  Thanks, Nichole. . .I will be sore tomorrow 🙂

I also found an amazing article on the NYTimes website about Afterburn.  Basically, it says that in order to increase the calories you burn on workout days, you need to work hard.  And the more you push yourself during your workout, the better your Afterburn will be.  It’s a win-win.  Check out the Afterburn article.

What’s your Burn and Afterburn?

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