Kim Sin: One of our favorite Burners


1) What brought you to BurnSF and what keeps you coming back?
I was looking for fun, intense exercise that got my heart rate up and blood flowing. I always found the gym boring and repetitive. The combination
of cardio, strength, and Pilates that Burn offers has built my cardiovascular health while lengthening and strengthening muscles I hardly use as a
full time yoga teacher. In other words, Burn supplements my yoga practice so I feel optimal health. I keep coming back to Burn because I love the
teachers, their inspiring music, and their commitment to helping Burners with care.

2) What do you love to hate about BurnSF?
Speed skaters. Although my relationship to them is shifting–I’m training myself to hate them less.

3) When not at Burn, where can you be found in the city? (Favorite things to do)?
Practice and teach yoga at Yoga Tree Hayes, Equinox, and many Bay Area tech offices. I love to eat, everything! And drink copious amounts of
espresso at Ritual & Sight glass.

4) Tell us one interesting fact someone might not know about you.
I used to DJ house music. I won a turntable competition at 19 years old against a bunch of talented male DJ’s. It was so cool!

5) Kids? Ages? Pets?
Not yet to both 😉

6) How often do you Burn?

7) Give a little back story about yourself.
I’m from Sacramento, but grew up in Reno. I’ve been obsessed with oral hygiene since I was little and thought I’d be a dentist, but studied marketing
and worked as a sales and marketing professional before finding my passion in teaching yoga at age 28. Now I’m 33 and feel blessed to make money
sharing what I love.

8) What inspires you?
My teacher and friend Jason Crandell–he’s one of the world’s most notable yoga teachers, my Mom for her endless style & elegance, and my Brother
for his bottomless work ethic while always managing to laugh from the gut and smile deep from the soul.

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