“#FallBackOnBurn second month challenge is now well under way! If you have been attending classes but haven’t figured
out how to enter the challenge for the month of November, please email rachaelfrank@burnsf.com OR just join the Facebook
Group #Fallbackonburn. This month, the focus is #ThanksBurn. First off, we always want to thank you, our clients, for all of
the wonderful energy, stories, and experiences that you bring into our studios day in and day out. We also want to focus the
grand prize of this challenge on helping others. The winner of #ThanksBurn will get to choose any charity, local or national,
to have 300.00 donated in their name from BurnSF. All those who complete the 20 classes in 30 days will automatically
receive a free Burn Beanie to brave the colder winter months of SF. Schedule your classes now, and stay committed and sane
throughout the holidays with your favorite Burn Leaders, who are thankful for you, year round.”

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