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Time to break out your winter scarves everyone. . .

It’s July in San Francisco. Every year around this time, I get fed up. A great sense of injustice grips me each time I see an ad that has anything to do with “Summer”. As I add yet another layer to my outfit to shield myself against the ever present mist and wind, I dream of sunshine and outdoor swimming pools. Sure, I laugh it off in May, and I kind of smile about it in June, but by July, I feel robbed. And. . .I get the sense that I am not alone in this very unique Seasonal Affective Disorder. San Franciscans seem to be kind of bummed out in July and August. But then September comes, and we breathe a sigh of relief. We start to smile a bit more, and we excitedly show off our winter white legs anytime the temp gets above 70. One look at Dolores Park in the Fall on any given day, and you’ll see what I am talking about.

The Amazing SF Fitness Scene

So it is in preparation for July/August that I write this post to remind us all how truly unique, amazing, innovative and fantastic San Francisco is. Sure, we are known for our tech, art, and food scene. But I never hear about the amazing San Francisco FITNESS scene. Did you know that some of the most successful fitness companies started in SF? Probably not. SF Fitness doesn’t seem to get the same love that LA and NYC Fitness get. Our PR team was recently contacted by People Magazine, who wanted to write about Burn and our DVD. They asked which celebrities could be spotted at Burn. When we told them that we don’t have any, they weren’t interested. What? No celebrities?! How boring. I get it. Kim Kardashian will probably never be “seen” chugging water between leg spring sets at Burn. Bradley Cooper won’t cause a stampede (much to my dismay) when he takes his shirt off after doing a Burpee/plank-up set at Burn. Ah well.

Maybe we don’t have celebrities working out amongst us mere mortals here in SF, but we do have a fitness scene that is unrivaled. Seriously. San Francisco is not only a hotbed of tech geeks, we’ve got some badass fitness geeks here too. And we are taking over. Dailey Method has locations in 10 states throughout the US, and 3 international studios , TRX is everywhere, and Bar Method has franchises and locations in 20 states. Pilates Pro Works is in NYC and expanding in the mid-West. And of course there’s Burn. . .which I hear is pretty cool too ☺. And someone told me they’re expanding. Hold on to your hats.

So to those who think San Francisco isn’t interesting enough, I wholeheartedly disagree. We are taking over the world, with or without the Kardashians.


I am here to remind all of you that the SF Fitness scene ROCKS. Even without Kim Kardashian. . . .


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