Being pregnant is pretty overwhelming .  Being pregnant and trying to figure out which exercises are right for your ever-changing body can feel insane. Google ‘pregnancy workout”, and you will have over 8 million (pretty weird) options from which to choose.  Most of them will not make any sense, and some will probably scare you away from google searches for a looooong time.

The truth is that there’s a lot of stuff out there, and not a lot of time to research the conflicting information you might come across. But never fear…Burn’s next Fitness and Pregnancy Workshop is Saturday February 21.  We’re here to help answer any and all of your questions while providing you with lots of useful information during all 3 trimesters and beyond…

Who should go?
Anyone interested in learning more about fitness during and just after pregnancy.  The majority of attendees are either pregnant or work with pregnant clients in a fitness environment.

What to expect?
In addition to the amazing manual that covers everything from hormones to anatomy to fitness program design, you can expect an open, honest, and welcoming environment.  Yes, you will get some exercise as you learn exercises and modifications.  Yes, there will be food.  Yes, you can ask embarrassing questions.

Where and When?
February 21 from 1-3 at Burn’s Hayes Valley/Mid-Market Studio.  Click HERE to sign up
Hope to see you soon,

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