Workout During and After Pregnancy
Since 2009, Burn has been offering specialized modifications for our clients during and after their pregnancies. We focus on strengthening muscles that tend to need extra attention, like glutes, back, chest & shoulders. We’ve even got our very own pregnancy flash cards with tons of pics and descriptions at every studio. Come check us out some of the many moves we offer below.

Core Modification with Magic Circle: Chest Press with arms slightly bent

Leg springs are a great way to continue to strengthen and tone

Pilates Side Series set during core work: Works glutes, abductors and adductors

Can’t make it to class? Feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all in? Lisa’s got you. With access to all of her online videos, you’ll be able to work out anytime, anywhere. There’s a special Pre and Postnatal section. 7 Day Free Trial starts today!

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