Burn has been offering pre and postnatal modifications to our Method for over 8 years. We believe in helping women connect to their strong bodies through every trimester and beyond. We teach clients how to strengthen the areas of their bodies that will be called upon throughout pregnancy and beyond; back, shoulders, biceps, chest and glutes. We call them the “Mom Muscles”, and they’re pretty powerful. Preparing women to be able to lift, carry, turn and squat while holding a car seat, diaper bag, stroller and a baby not only makes her stronger, it makes life easier and movement more fluid.

AND, we have special pregnancy workout flashcards in every studio with lots of pictures and descriptions so you get a fun, challenging, and focused workout.

Now Available! Lisa’s Pregnancy and Fitness E-book and Video Collection.

You’ll get honest, real talk about what’s happening with your body, exercise plans, and mindset for every trimester and the 3 month period following delivery. You’ll also get 4 workout videos for each stage of your pregnancy and recovery.

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