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Meet Your Personal Trainers

Carmel Hall

Born and raised in San Francisco, Carmel is excited to be a part of the amazing Burn family! It was an unexpected injury in 2015 and bad eating habits that threatened Carmel’s health. Carmel considers this time one of her most challenging periods in her life, physically and mentally. Feeling she hit her rock bottom, that is when she reached out to a personal trainer and started attending Burn. Carmel quickly realized fitness was a passion of hers, and wanted to inspire people with their goals, just like her personal trainer and the trainers at Burn helped her. Since starting her fitness journey, Carmel has lost 50lbs (in less than two years); and regained her confidence; her happiness; and overall love of life. When she’s not teaching her classes, you can find her in the kitchen recipe testing. Having struggled with her relationship with food, Carmel is now making healthier cooking eating choices. Her food is not only incredibly nutritious, and as a former chef she knows how to flavor it! She loves offering food tips and recipes, as she believes eating right goes hand in hand with an active lifestyle. Focusing on form and delivering a sweaty workout, Carmel’s sessions will challenge you! She uses her personal experiences and merges them with her coaching style to motivate her clients. Carmel strives to make a difference in people’s lives through her positive approach to fitness and encourages her Burners to discover their full potential.

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Training Level 2: Elite Trainer
Locations: Available for training at Irving

Jerrolynn Cauayani

Energy flows where intention goes. -Lee Pryke

Jerrolynn is a San Francisco native whose passion is learning about the body and its movement. Over the years she has participated in various activities to keep her body in motion, from her many dance classes to barre, yoga, aerial silks, spin, TRX, and Pilates. She first discovered yoga in 2009 when she stumbled upon a Bikram Yoga class and instantly fell in love. Since then she has dabbled in other styles of yoga: Ashtana, Hatha, Vinyasa, Acro, Iyengar, Kundalini, and Yin. Jerrolynn enjoyed yoga so much that in October 2017 she traveled to India to become a certified instructor. Immediately she began teaching vinyasa yoga classes, and was fortunate enough to also get trained as a barre instructor. Shortly after, Jerrolynn was embraced by the Burn family, where many meaningful connections were made. As a student of acupuncture, she understands the importance of living a balanced life; incorporates these ancient values into her own daily life and sharing her evolving knowledge with others. Self-described as happiest when she is active and feeling good, Jerrolynn employs a fun, innovative and energetic teaching style, and wishes to elevate her clients to their happiest, most positive selves. Jerrolynn will work with you to find your personal goals and help create a plan tailored to making those goals your new achievements.

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Training Level 1: Pro Trainer
Locations: Available for training at Irving and Valencia

Katrina Baccetti

Build strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and body awareness through conscious breath and movement

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Katrina is an enthusiastic yoga and pilates instructor. Katrina is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500, E-RYT200) with over 1,000 hours of yoga teaching experience. Katrina has worked with an extensive amount of strength and endurance training exercises as a former collegiate volleyball athlete. Her training sessions emphasize coordinated breath and movement as a means to build strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body awareness. If you decide to train with Katrina, she will design a training program that is challenging, personalized, and most importantly enjoyable and effective! Get one step closer to your fitness goals–book a session with Katrina today and find your bliss through conscious breath and movement.

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Training Level 3: Master Trainer
Available for training at Broadway & Irving

Lisa Corsello

Become Stronger, Longer and Leaner with cardio, strength training and deep pilates sets done back-to-back. With a focus on proper alignment and form, you can learn to maximize your workouts in a smart, mindful, challenging way.

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Lisa grew up performing in dance classes where she could be found in the very back row, mostly due to her lack of coordination. Despite rarely being seen by her family in the crowd, it didn’t stop her energy or enthusiasm for movement and music. . . .

After graduating from UCSB with a major in Psychology, teaching English in Germany and “finding herself”, Lisa returned to the Bay Area to be closer to her family and friends. She landed a corporate job in SF but was drawn to the gym in the bottom of the office building more than her desk. She was offered a job as a trainer and group fitness instructor by her trainer, quit her day job and trained and taught spinning, strength training, yoga, Pilates and kickboxing for the next 5 years.

In 2009, she opened the first Burn on Valencia St. Since then, she has been a featured fitness expert in Self, Shape, PopSugar, Cosmo, Women’s Health and Wired. She is also the author of The Lisa Corsello Method Fit Pregnancy and Beyond e-book and has on-demand Fitness Workouts available through her website, www.lisacorsello.com


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Training Level 4: Platinum Trainer
Available for training at Valencia, Broadway & Irving

Lizbeth Basila

Targeting the Heart, muscles and core for a Stronger You

A Senior Burn Instructor and Fitness and Training Manager, Liz has been teaching at Burn for 3 years and training private clients since 2011. Having experienced her own personal struggles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle inside & out, Liz wants to help those who want to build a stronger body and mind. Her overall favorite is a total body workout, implementing functional movements to help clients in their daily life by targeting the heart, muscles & core. Liz will focus on constant movement with 1:1 personal attention to prevent injuries and build a stronger YOU!

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Training Level 3: Master Trainer
Locations: Available for training at Valencia & Irving

Michelle Luke

Michelle is an avid martial artist, dancer, dragonboat racer, and former traceuse, attorney and linguistic consultant who made a career shift after becoming a mom to two sweet boys.

Her first post-law job was teaching high school P.E. at a private all-girls school where the girls expected to get an “A” for showing up. She transformed these girls who once hated P.E. into a squadron of fierce young women who could bench press 75% of their weight, deadlift and squat 100 lbs, and couldn’t get enough of working out. She was subsequently recruited to be a sponsored dragonboat paddler for Kaiser Permanente and a youth sports coach for various schools and organizations.

Without any gymnastics or tumbling background, she dabbled in parkour at the late age of 33. Training with her fellow traceurs (who were just a little more than half her age at the time), she learned to run up walls, vault over rails and perform precision jumps and cat-leaps at unnerving heights. Those training days taught her a lesson she would never forget: It doesn’t matter how late you start or how low a starting point you are starting from, if you find someone who believes in you more than you believe in yourself, you can achieve the impossible. This is what she wants to bring to the Burn Community.

As a sponsored athlete and martial artist, Michelle has a strong background in developing flexibility, endurance and strength training. She also has experience with power-lifting which she has coached and safely continued during her own pregnancy. Having been pregnant twice, she is extremely empathetic to the trials and tribulations of expectant mothers and highly aware of modifications required for pregnant women to train safely. She can also develop a specially tailored program that is safe for women who are expecting, going through IVF, or at various stages of postpartum recovery.

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Training Level 1: Pro Trainer
Locations: Available for training at Irving

Lori Lee

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” -Buddha

Lori strongly believes in the philosophy that fitness is not only a crucial for a strong body, but also absolutely necessary for mental and emotional equilibrium as well. Lori is always amazed at what a little ‘sweat therapy’ can do for her clients and deems it necessary for a healthier, happier version of oneself. As a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer, former dancer and busy mom, Lori views strength and fitness as the foundation for everything in life. “Fitness is more than having a great body, it’s truly about obtaining mind/body balance and awareness, enjoying everything in moderation, having a healthy relationship with yourself, and the world around you”.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, trying to get your pre-baby body back, stepping into fitness for the first time, or taking your fitness regime to the next level, Lori is here to meet you where you are and transform you into the best version of yourself. She will motivate you and inspire you through fun, fresh, personalized sessions that are tailored to your needs

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Training Level 2: Elite Trainer
Locations: Available for training at Broadway