Sometimes, it’s good to look back.
So often, we rush through the end of one year, eager for new beginnings and resolutions. But hold on. You deserve to take a moment to acknowledge how far you’ve come. Over the next few days, try to be mindful of how you move through the world differently as a result of focusing on your health and fitness. As this year comes to a close, make sure to take some time to be proud that you showed up to class, worked hard, and did something good for yourself and your neighborhood studio (#smallbusinessesrule). Notice your Strength. Really feel it. And then look forward with hope, excitement and continued commitment to your health.

Speaking of committing to your health. . . .after hearing from so many of you and seeing you transform in just 3 months, we’ve decided to extend the Unlimited Sale.

From Jan 1st–March 31st, you can come to Burn as many times as your heart desires for just $166/month.
Come every day and that’s less than $6 per class! Even if you only come 4 times per week, it is still a crazy deal at less than $10 a class.

Sale Ends Friday at Midnight. Sign up today.

Happy New Year,
The Burn Family

· Does this offer apply to ALL Burn locations? The SF deal is valid in all 4 Burn SF locations. You can go to any and all of them with this deal. Oakland deal is just for the Oakland Studio.
· What about the classes I’ve already purchased? We will put them on hold for you until Apr 1st.
· Can I put the package on hold if I go out of town? Sorry. This is as good as it gets, so we advise you take advantage while it’s available.

New Year’s Eve at Burn

There are just 2 more days left to Burn this year – Come get your last Burn of the year and toast the new year with your favorite instructors. We’ll have refreshments and Perfect Bar Samples at all of our SF studios.

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