1. I speak Italian and Spanish (sometimes English..)
  2. My favorite movie is The Color Purple
  3. I should have been a dancer (for Madonna) and wound up (happily) as fitness instructor
  4. I’m a great cook (and eat a lot!)
  5. I used to smile in pictures until my partner taught me that goofy faces are way better
  6. I have 2 cats whose names are Monkey and Stephanie, yes, Stephanie
  7. If I won the lottery I would always have fresh cut flowers and sparkling water in my home
  8. I love to drive with the windows down and the music on full blast – singing my heart out
  9. I went to India for 6 weeks and loved it and can’t wait to return for my 10 year anniversary
  10. I feel blessed to be able to do my job working with amazing people and music every day = happiness / inspiration
  11. Madonna, enough said :)12.  My grandfather has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Ryan Miller is a Senior Instructor here at Burn and that you can catch him Wednesday 5-8pm @ Broadway, Thursday 6:45-9:45AM/12-1 @ Valencia, and Saturdays 10-1PM at Irving.

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