Not only can you find Michelle at our Valencia studios
on a regular basis,
 she won the grand prize for #FallBackOnBurn
October’s Fitness Challenge!

1) What brought you to BurnSF and what keeps you coming back? 
I wanted a new challenge other than running. I keep coming back because I love the way it makes me feel (high on life) and I love that it works your entire bodyThe instructors are amazing and Ryan is incredibly motivating and connected.
2) What do you love to hate about BurnSF?  
Everything ha ha. It’s super hard but so worth it!
3) When not at Burn, where can you be found in the city? (Favorite things to do) 
Enjoying the embarcadero with my man. I’m obsessed. I love the water and the view of the bay bridge. It’s great for running, walking, and the farmers market/restaurants.  I also love going to the ocean/beach. This is my favorite.
4) Tell us one interesting fact someone might not know about you. 
I’m a huge Steelers fan.
5) Kids? Ages? Pets?
Zero…it’s all about me 😉  I have an 18 year old niece that lights up my life.
6) How often do you Burn? 
Usually 4-5 times/wk. (My record is 6 in a row, inspired by Ryan’s Madonna class).
7) Give a little back story about yourself  
I am from a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA where I grew up with my two younger sisters. After starting my career as a CPAin Pittsburgh, I moved to Atlanta.  I loved living/working there until the absolute love of my life swept me off of my feet. I moved to San Francisco to be with him. I love it here but I’ll always be a Pittsburgh girl ;).
8) What inspires you? 
My mom. She is my rock. She is an absolute inspiration and is also the one who I can thank for my exercise passion… I started running with her when I was 6.

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