Meet our new SF instructor Jessica Chernicki!

Born and raised in Northern California, Jessica has been studying dance and movement since she was a little girl. After years of training in ballet, jazz, and tap, she also developed a love of acting and went on to earn a degree in Theater at the University of California Santa Barbara. While attending college, Jessica was introduced to middle eastern dance through the school’s Living arts program and by the time she graduated in 2010, she was working as a professional belly dancer as well as an actress.

Health and fitness have always been a huge part of Jessica’s life and she is currently pursuing a certification in personal training. Jessica has a fun, supportive, and challenging teaching style that makes each Burn student leave class sweaty and smiling. When not at Burn, Jessica can be found hiking, running, and performing or teaching belly dance all over the bay area.

Fun Facts:
– Hometown: Yuba City, C.A.
– Favorite Food: Saag.
– Favorite Stretch: Figure 4.
– Favorite Cardio Move: Speed Skaters.
– Favorite Restaurant: Lolo.
– Favorite Ab Exercise: Planks for days!
– Favorite Workout Artist: Beats Antique.

Come take a class with Jessica in SF:
– Tuesdays 6/7am, Irving.
– Wednesdays noon, Valencia.
– Thursdays 6/7am, Valencia.
– Fridays 7/8/9am, Broadway. (Starting March 4th)

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