Growing up playing competitive soccer and running track, Gabriela has a love for all things related to health and fitness. She has explored strength and agility courses, power lifting, running, yoga, pilates, dance, boxing, and bootcamps (just to name a few!) and has a deep passion for learning about the amazing capacity of the body. She is a 200hr registered Yoga Teacher trained in NYC and continues to take advantage of learning about different ways to get connected with body, emotions, and soul. Gabriela encourages students to find their edge by listening to their body, discovering new depths, and finding strength within themselves.

Fun Facts

1) What are some of your favorite things to do?
Playing soccer, yoga/working out (I LOVE to sweat!), knitting, making workout music playlists, and skiing.

2) What is the most amazing place you have visited and why?
Caye Caulker, Belize because of the scuba diving – the colors in the tropical ocean are so bright and beautiful. I especially loved the incredibly tiny yellow and purple fish down there! No cars are allowed on the island so everyone walks around barefoot – the relaxed vibe is incredible!

3) How do you unwind after a long day?
Yoga, cook a healthy dinner (most of the time!), and watch some TV shows on my couch.

4) Do you have any favorite places to eat in San Francisco?
I love Nopa in SF…especially their brunch! Baretta also has a pretty amazing breakfast pizza. It’s not quite as good as New York pizza, but it’s close!

5) What is your favorite aspect of Burn?
I love how fast paced the class is and how I can really push myself.

6) Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?
Shakira — I wish I could move my hips like her!

7) Lastly, how did you become involved in the fitness industry?
I have played soccer my entire life and so have always been athletic. Once outside of the competitive collegiate world, I felt a void where my soccer used to be. I started practicing yoga consistently and then went traveling for 9 months where I continued to take yoga classes internationally. After 9 months away from home, I craved learning more about my body and about the exercises and fitness routines that worked for me both emotionally and physically. I never thought I would be an instructor, but after teaching yoga and now teaching at Burn, I love sharing my passion for fitness with others!

Join one of Gabriela’s classes in Oakland:
– Mondays 8am
– Thursdays 5:30/6:30pm

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