A trained stylist in both cut and color, Erin works at Population Salon, on Divisadero by the Panhandle. People love Erin and  the decor, especially their live plant wall and metal shampoo bowls that are actually farm equipment!

 “I’ve been coming to Burn for 2 years this coming May. I laugh as I say this because it sounds like an endorsement for a hokey info-mercial, but Burn truly has changed my life. It’s the perfect hybrid of being formatted enough to appeal to the need for routine, yet it’s constantly tailored to new exercises, evolving playlists, and our bodies as we become stronger. There is always room for progression and growth, and I have watched as every (awesome!) instructor strives to bring us that. I’ve never stuck with an exercise regime for so long, nor felt stronger or more capable, confident, and inspired as I do now.”

 I know I sweat a lot at Burn. We all do. Yay for kick-ass exercising! The only problem is that it makes things a little more difficult as we transition from gym to work or maybe a social event. So I wanted to share some tips for going into your work day or evening soiree feeling fantastic.”

First of all, a couple of preventative steps will keep your hair from getting completely out of whack during class:

  • Wear your ponytail low to avoid that dent in your hair.
  • If you have bangs that get in the way, tuck them under a wide cloth headband. (You can get a 5 pack at Walgreens or CVS for less than $10) When class is over, shake them out before your scalp dries, and they should resume their original position.

After class:

  • Flip your head upside down and massage your scalp to get some volume and root lift before your hair dries in an undesirable position.  
  • Use dry shampoo at the root, and massage it in. I also like to do this with my head upside down- can you tell I like volume? I use Label M Brunette Dry Shampoo, which is great because its not white in color, and the smell isn’t overpowering, which are 2 complaints I’ve had with many options I’ve tried.
  • A quick face rinse or facial wipes are great for feeling clean post workout. Don’t forget to moisturize. I’ve been loving Josie Maran Light Argan Oil during this harshly dry season.

As you make your way through the winter as an avid exerciser, here’s a few tips for maintaining healthy hair in general:

  • Wash it less often. Depending on your natural texture, this could be anywhere from every other day (finer & straighter) to once or twice a week (coarser & curlier). If you feel like you must rinse your hair more often, skip the shampoo and simply condition.
  • Keep the moisture! Use leave-in conditioner or hair oil in addition to the in-shower conditioner. Anything from a professional beauty supply store is good. I personally use Moroccan Oil every day, regardless of whether I wash my hair. I apply a few teaspoons distributed around my palms and scrunch into my hair from mid-shaft to ends. A bottle runs about $45 and lasts me up to 5 months. An awesome thrifty alternative is to use coconut oil from the supermarket once a week as a masque. You’ll want to do it overnight or on your day off, and then rinse it out.

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