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Meet our newest SF instructor Denice Najera!

Denice was born and raised here in San Francisco.  Her active lifestyle began at the age of 5 with jazz and ballet classes.  She pursued her love for movement at San Francisco’s School of the Arts High School and went on to receive her Bachelors Degree in Dance at California State University, Long Beach where she was introduced to Pilates.  In 2007, she was certified through Body Arts & Sciences International and began teaching Pilates Mat and Group Reformer Classes.  Throughout her years of teaching, she has taught a variety of classes such as Body Conditioning, Body Shred, and Dance Fitness to name a few.  Denice is constantly continuing her education in fitness.  Her love for movement and living an active and healthy lifestyle will surely inspire you!

Fun Facts:

1) What are some of your favorite things to do?
Dancing, hiking, and hanging out with my tortoise Coca.

2) What is the most amazing place you have visited and why?
The most amazing place I’ve visited would have to be Lanikai Beach on Oahu, Hawaii.  To be out in the middle of the ocean in what feels like bathwater where it’s warm even when it’s pouring rain and there’s rainbows, sea turtles, and little sharks is a pretty incredible feeling.

3) How do you unwind after a long day?
After a long day, if there isn’t a Giants game to watch, I like to unwind by climbing up to one of our many hilltops and just enjoy the view.

4) Do you have any favorite places to eat in San Francisco?
I have way to many favorite places to eat in San Francisco!  Although, all you can eat pizza at Goat Hill on Monday nights, La Santaneca in the Mission, and Squat n Gobble are regulars in my life.

5) What is your favorite aspect of Burn?
My favorite aspect of Burn is the variety within the workout.  Going from cardio to weights to the springboard makes for an awesome, fun and always challenging time!

6) Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?
It was moreso when he wore a Dodgers uniform, but Matt Kemp.

7) Lastly, how did you become involved in the fitness industry?
When I was 5, I wanted to become a Fly Girl on the show In Living Color, so that’s when I started taking dance classes. While dancing in college, I was introduced to Pilates.  After college, I began teaching Pilates and various fitness classes along the way.

Come take a class with Denice in SF:
– Mondays 8/9am, 12pm, Irving.
– Tuesdays 5/6/7pm, Market.
– Sundays 8:30/9:30/10:30am, Broadway.

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