Carmel Hall
A native San Franciscan, Carmel and her six siblings (one being a twin) would split their time between San Francisco and Ireland, where her Mom is from. Carmel went on living in Ireland for a few years and attended culinary school there. Before moving back to the States, she also lived in Italy, eating pasta and gelato until her heart was content and jeans were way too tight.

It was an unexpected injury and bad eating habits that sparked Carmel’s wakeup call. She began working out with a trainer and taking classes at Burn in the Inner Sunset, when she regained her confidence and fell in love with life again. She also began cooking healthier, and you can find her delicious, clean recipes on her blog. Carmel is happy to be back home in San Francisco living the best version of herself and hopes to inspire others to do the same!

Come take a class with Carmel:
Mondays 5/6/7pm, Valencia
Wednesdays 5/6/7pm, Market

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