1. Commit. Choose something that requires an appointment, like a group fitness class, and treat it like you would any other commitment. The simple act of putting your name on the list as a participant will help youstay accountable.
2. Register for an upcoming fitness event, like a walk or race, and ask friends to join you. Having something to train for will help you stay focused on the long -term goal.
3. Make your goals known. Tell your family and friends about your goals. Stating our intentions to others makes us more likely to follow through with them. No need to give specifics and exact details, simply share that this season you’re going to start walking, jogging, or taking personal training sessions, or that you’ll be reducing sugar or alcohol intake.
4. If you use social media, use it to help keep you motivated and to have a bit of fun. Take pics or selfies after a workout or making a healthy dinner. The night before a workout, tweet about it. Let your friends know your plans and you’ll be likely to garner support and positivity. Going back through your posts will also remind you of your goals and progress. It’s also ok to take selfies of yourself smiling/happy/exhausted after a great workout. It helps to see yourself achieving goals!

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