Last blog you met Kelly McCloskey, our avid running instructor who is leading our Burn For Runners classes helping you prep for that 5-K or your next marathon. Below are Kelly’s 5 Areas to focus on when cross training to keep your runs efficient and injury free. She will be focusing on these five areas during her Burn for Runners class this Wednesday @ Irving, 7PM. 

  •  Lower back – When we think about core strength we often think ABS! And then head to the mat to crunch our way into oblivion. In fact, the core is the entire mid-region of the body. Have you ever had lower back pain from running? Or even sitting all day at work? The lower back is often too weak to support your body for those extended periods on your feet for a run. Form suffers and aches begin. Let’s get that lower back strong!
  •  Rear delts (upper back and shoulders) – Posture is HUGE for runners. Best running form is chest up with shoulders back and down. Yet we often hunch up our shoulders and let our core and chest sag down during a run when we start to get tired.  A strong upper back should help keep the posture we need for our best running form.
  •  Overall lower body stability – Larger muscle groups in the legs definitely get their share of a workout during all the pounding from a run, but let’s not ignore the smaller ligaments and tendons that are working so hard to control everything. Stabilization in the lower body can benefit every runner, yet is often overlooked in a runners training program. We’ll focus on key exercises for stabilization because these smaller structures need love, too!
  • Hamstrings – The hamstrings are often weaker in relation to the quads and tight hip flexors. Let’s limit and correct this imbalance by focusing on key moves that will help strengthen them up.
  • Gluteus Medius – aka our “side butt” – this smaller muscle does a ton for us runners by stabilizing our hips to help us improve running form and ward off injuries

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