Burn is excited to announce the rollout of new equipment! For some time now, we have been in search of ways to make the Burn workout even more effective using new equipment.

>We have partnered with Stroops, the world’s largest performance training company, to design a brand new, customized resistant band for the Burn workout.

Introducing the Slastix resistant bands for Burn! These new bands will allow Burners to do everything we have traditionally done with springs, and more!  With the news slatix bands, we will be able to do more and get more from the Burn workout.

More movement!

For cardio specifically, we will be able to perform more dynamic and fun cardio segments, using the waist belt instead of just handles and the bar.

More exercises!

The new bands will have the capability of being used in different directions, allowing for burn to incorporate new exercises in class.

More modification options!

For Burners who need modifications due to injuries, the slastix will allow them to perform modifications safely, while still getting the resistance needed to be challenged during the workout.  Clients will be able to hook their waist belts to the board in order to assist with proper push-up form, lunges, jogging, etc.

At Burn, we want our clients to get the most out of the 55- minute workout. We have spent quality time researching and comparing different equipment to find the perfect ratio of resistance and extension in each custom-made band. We are excited to implement the bands and maximize the Burn workout.

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