Manny Tran
Manny believes that a healthy life is a happy life. She experienced first hand how physical activity can relieve stress, increase creativity and promote happiness. Ironically, Manny doesn’t like to spend too much time at the gym and dreads doing traditional cardio workouts like running, elliptical, etc. That is why she is obsessed with the Burn workout. She initially started working out at Burn during her lunch hour to relieve anxiety from work. When she realized she was getting physically stronger, happier and more creative, something clicked – she discovered her passion for helping people lead healthier and happier lives. She’s pursuing her passion by teaching Burn classes amongst other health related shenanigans. In Manny’s class, you can expect high energy, poor jokes and maybe even some screaming. When Manny is not teaching or taking a Burn classes, she enjoys teaching and doing Yoga, trying out new restaurants in the city and traveling.

Come burn with Manny:
– Mondays 5/6/7pm, Market
– Tuesdays 7/9am, Valencia
– Thursdays 5/6pm, Valencia

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