Logan Scharadin
Logan grew up in Bethlehem Pennsylvania where she began her dance training at age 8. This became her main passion which led her to receive a BFA in dance performance from the SUNY Purchase Dance Conservatory in 2013. In college, she started to integrate Pilates and Yoga into her life. This helped her connect more deeply to her body which enhanced her overall performance. Post graduation, Logan traveled around the world and started teaching dance internationally. Logan is currently located in the Bay Area and is excited to share her movement knowledge with the Burn community.

Fun Facts

1) What are some of your favorite things to do?
Dancing, nature park hangs, & coffee!

2) What is the most amazing place you have visited and why?
Mexico. I lived there for some time and it changed my life forever.

3) How do you unwind after a long day?
Usually with a cup of tea.

4) Do you have any favorite places to eat in San Francisco?
I am new to the Bay Area so I am constantly finding new favorite places to eat.

5) What is your favorite aspect of Burn?
The use of diverse and continuous exercises excites me. I also love the springboard.

6) Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?
Well, if I had to choose one right now it would probably be Jeremy Allen White.

7) Lastly, how did you become involved in the fitness industry?
I’ve trained as a dancer basically my whole existence which definitely guided me towards the fitness industry. Also, my mom and dad used to be body builders so I guess it started before I was even born. ūüôā

Join Logan in SF & Oakland:
· Tuesdays 5/6/7pm, Market
· Wednesdays 12/5/6pm, Oakland
· Fridays 5/6pm, Valencia

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