Please give a warm welcome to our newest instructor Celeste Wilson!

Certified Personal Trainer via Aerobic and Fitness Association of America with one year of experience training clients one-on-one to be healthy by eating clean and training mean. Celeste encourages positive lasting habits by including personal development assignments like smart goal setting and visualization techniques. She enjoys instructing 2 classes: one for core strength and another for powerful glutes and thighs. Celeste also has a passion for fashion and makes colorful sparkly costumes for performers and people who love to dance.

Fun Facts:
– Hometown: Quincy, California.
– Favorite TV Show: Project Runway.
– Favorite Food: Sushi.
– Favorite stretch: Butterfly.
– Favorite Cardio Move: Plyo curtsy lunges.
– Favorite restaurant: Ra Sushi Bar > best Ahi Poki.
– Favorite ab exercise: Pilates Teaser.
– Favorite workout music: Melodic & Bass filled electronic music with sweet vocals.

Take a class with Celeste in Oakland:
– Tuesdays 7am.
– Thursdays 1pm.
– Saturdays 9/10am, (Starting March 5).

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