Introducing…Burn Yoga. The Yogic yin to the Burn yang.

For many years, our clients have asked us about stretches, yoga classes, and general movements to balance their work at Burn. As we all know, Burn is a total body workout that incorporates 3 cycles of work, each more challenging than the first. We spend a lot of time building fire, so it makes sense that we spend some time tending to it. Welcome to Burn Yoga, the Yoga class for People Who Burn. Taught by Burn Instructor and Advanced Yoga Instructor Amanda Metcalf, this is not your ordinary Yoga Class. Gone are the chants, dogma, and pressure to do the perfect headstand. Just like Burn, we offer modifications, hands-on cues, and a unique formula for the perfect sequences in one hour.

Classes are core & breath focused with asanas specifically selected for agility, flexibility, purification, digestion, core strengthening and calming. The pace is designed to align the natural rhythms of the body with awareness of anatomy. Amanda will guide students through a progression of warming leg strengthening postures for the first 20 mins; this includes a variety of warrior, horse stances, balancing poses & vinyasa salutation-style flow. The middle portion focuses on building the fire within i.e. arm balances, side planks, backbends & the deep forward folds. The last 20 mins is seated postures, twists and calming postures for integration.

Where: Burn on Market
When: Starting April 3rd, Sundays at 4:30
How much: $18 for single classes, can also be used with 5/10/20 Class Packages and One Month and Monthly Unlimited Memberships
Bring What: Your yoga mat and a smile

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