We are excited to welcome our newest instructor Alice Mcneill to our Burn Team. Sign up for her upcoming classes in Oakland and Valencia!

Monday | 5,6pm
Tuesday | 1pm
Thursday | 6, 7am
Sunday | 8:30, 9:30, 10:30 am

SF Valencia
Tuesday | 8, 9am


1) What are your foremost hobbies?
Eating ice cream, playing with my dogs, and movies!

2) What is the most amazing place you have visited and why?
Kyoto Japan because it was so clean, peaceful, traditional and modern all at the same time.

3) How do you unwind after a long day?
I take a nap and snuggle with my dog Peanut to unwind.

4) Do you have any favorite places to eat in San Francisco?
I like Little Shin Shin in Oakland.

5) What is your favorite aspect of Burn?
I LOVE the leg springs.

6) Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?
Will Smith is my celebrity crush.

7) Lastly, how did you become involved in the fitness industry?
I was taking a class one day and I thought I wish I could just do this all day, and so I decided to quit my job and just do it!


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