Meet Alexa Manalansan: a new instructor added to our Burn Team!

Fun Facts

1. Your Hometown

South San Francisco, C.A.
2.  Favorite Food
Japanese and Korean food.
3.  Favorite Cardio move
Burpees! I love that you can do them anywhere, anytime and there are endless variations.
4.  Favorite Stretch
Any hamstring stretch always feels relaxing.
5.  Favorite TV show/Movie
I watch The Ellen Show and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon every single day!
Come see Alexa in SF:
Mondays 6/7am at Valencia.
Tuesdays 6/7am at Broadway. 4/5pm Valencia.
Wednesdays 6/7/9am at Market.
Thursdays 6/7am at Broadway.

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