12 Things About Lizbeth Basila

Strawberries are my favorite fruit
My favorite color is red
I sing in a band
I come from a big family of mostly women
I have 1 sister
I can flip my tongue sideways
I have 13 tattoos
I can’t raise just one eyebrow
I’m obsessed with rings – I have a drawer dedicated to them
I love the show Vampire Diaries (don’t judge me)
I went skydiving and was the last person to jump out of the plane – freaked me out even more
I used to be 40lbs heavier

 Lizbeth teaches at the Valencia and Irving locations, both morning, 12pm, and afternoon classes. Don’t miss her high-intensity, hip-hop and mashup style of classes every week. Lizbeth is leading musically themed Old Skool Burn classes on July 25th! You won’t want to miss it.


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