Happy Halloween! We’ve created some fun, holiday-inspired moves for you in honor of Halloween. Grab a mat, some weights, and have fun.
Xo, Burn


Spider Plank
This move can be done on hands or forearms. Come into plank and bring your right knee towards your right elbow. Hold or pulse for 5 seconds. Switch to the left side. Repeat for 30–60 seconds.


Witch’s Cauldron
Hold a medium-heavy weight horizontally at your chest with both hands. Imagine a circle right in front of you that runs parallel to the ground (like the top of a cauldron. . .get it?). Begin to “stir the cauldron” with the weight in a clockwise motion. Repeat for 20 seconds, then reverse.


The Creeper
Get ready to FEEL your legs. Hold one medium-heavy weight and drop down to a wide, low squat with your toes slightly turned out. Stay as low as you can and “walk” forward for 10 steps, then backwards. Repeat for 1–2 minutes.


Zombie March
Hold one medium weight in each hand straight out in front of you at shoulder height keeping your wrists flat. Engage your abs and begin to march, bringing your knees up one at a time. You can keep your knees bent or experiment with straighter legs. Continue for 1-2 minutes.


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