“After the season of giving, take the time to evaluate what your personal health goals are and what you need to achieve them. Perhaps you have a number of workouts you want to accomplish per month, a pair of  pants from the past to reclaim, or a strong 60 sec plank? Whatever your goal is, food is an important element and one to enjoy.In order to tackle your daily/weekly workouts plan ahead for your week. I like to take the time on my day off to cook and prepare simple things that I can grab and go, or supplement simple weeknight meals. Eat when you are hungry and remember to stay hydrated. Snacks are important! When I’m working out a lot I am hungry all the time, so I constantly snack. Figure out what your body craves pre/post workout and set yourself up to feel good going in and finish strong. Around the time of your workout, it’s beneficial for your body to get protein and carbohydrates to allow your body to endure and have energy throughout that time period. Depending on the time of day, and my last meal, I choose sweet fruit based snacks or more savory vegetable based snacks. Nuts and nut butters go with everything! To keep things fresh, change up your snack routine with the seasons. Winter? No problem! There are so many beautiful and delicious winter fruits and vegetables- check out your local farmers market for organic ever changing produce.

Enjoy food, overthinking it or being hard on yourself about cravings or indulgences isn’t worth it. Give yourself rewards on a weekly basis and as you work towards your goals. All the hard work in and out of class will pay off, and keep in mind that the more healthful you become the more your body will crave healthy food. Share your goals with friends, family and your Burn community, tell your teachers-we want to know! We look forward to hearing about your fitness aspirations and helping you get there throughout all of 2015.

Happy New Year,

Sierra Zumwalt

Oro Blanco grapefruit, Dried Persimmons, Dried dates, Blood orange, Apple with almond butter.
Tartine Bakery Danish Rye with hummus and watermelon radish, Avocado with lemon, olive oil, sea salt & pepper.

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