Here at Burn, we are in the process of training our next round of amazing new instructors.  In addition to months of training, learning, observing and assisting, each potential new instructor has to teach for us  many many times.  To say they get pretty intense feedback would be putting it mildly.  And it works, because once they have been through the ringer with us, they can handle anything 🙂

Yesterday, one of our trainees talked about how much she has learned, and how surprised she has been.  As a longtime client of Burn, she had no idea how much effort went into teaching one class.  She wasn’t referring to the physical effort, or to how much time it takes to design a class and choose the perfect playlist.   She was referring to how challenging it is to explain movements physically and verbally, give modifications for the movements,  correct form, smile, motivate, read your group for signs or fatigue or the need to be pushed harder, smile, make sure movements flow properly, and breathe . . . .and that’s what we do for one exercise set.  Then we do it all over again when we move to the next sequence.

So it is with this in mind that I have personally decided that today, Friday August 16, will be the first ever Burn Fitness Instructor Appreciation Day.  Let’s give our teachers some love, shall we? Smile, laugh at their jokes, and tell them that you love what they do, maybe pick them an apple! They deserve it, and they will love you right back.

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