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Learning more about Burn Instructor Alexandra Pascal.

1) What are your foremost hobbies?
I have a passion for dancing. I love to perform! Hip-hop, jazz, contemporary – I love it all! I also enjoy painting and spending time at the beach or park doing something active.

2) What is the most amazing place you have visited and why?
I love the East Coast during the fall. I have family in Connecticut and Upstate New York and the colors of the trees and landscape are breathtaking! Being with family is pretty awesome too 🙂

3) How do you unwind after a long day?
After a long day, I like to order some fantastic indian food and relax on the couch with some Netflix. Some days, I’ll head over to the beach and walk along the shore.

4) Do you have any favorite places to eat in San Francisco?
I am a huge sucker for Ike’s Place in the Castro. I also love Noori Pakistani Cuisine on Irving and Ariaki Sushi on Geary. I am new to the city so I’m always open to suggestions!

5) What is your favorite aspect of Burn?
My favorite aspect of Burn is that you never stop moving. Your whole body is staying active for 55 minutes! I love that the class stays upbeat with great music which makes for a great workout.

6) Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?
Channing Tatum, hands down!

7) Lastly, how did you become involved in the fitness industry?
I became involved in the fitness industry through my background in dance. I was on my collegiate dance team and we trained daily with a personal trainer and/or other fitness classes. It had just become a part of my daily routine and I learned how important it is – mentally and physically – to stay active.


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