Happy October, Everyone. . .No Change 2


It’s officially Fall 2014, and I can’t stop thinking about how often we are bombarded with the word CHANGE.  Change your body, change your home, change your clothes, your hair, your relationship, and your job. . . And once we’re finished changing everything about ourselves, we’re supposed to do it all over again in 3 short months for the New Year.  I’m tired just thinking about it.


Of course, I think change can be a wonderful thing.  As we enter a new season, it’s a great opportunity to reassess and focus.  Change is good. I like change.  A lot. But it’s only October and I’m already stressed out about what I need to change.  And I think Jason is sick of hearing about all of the changes I am going to make!  When used too often, it makes us feel like we are not good enough, and it can keep us in a constant cycle of self-criticism.  Changing one’s routine or not-so-healthy habits is great, but constantly evaluating how we can be “better” is just exhausting.


So this post isn’t about changing anything at all; it’s about focusing on what you like about you.  This fall, I want you to stop worrying about all of the things you think you need to change.  Try to stay grounded and consistent and true to what works for you.  Pay no attention to the messages that you need to be anything other than what and who you are.   When you come to class, make a conscious effort to stop letting words like should and need enter into your mind. The focus of our Fall Fitness challenge is consistency and support, which is why it’s called Fall Back On Burn.  Just listen to the music, move, and let your teachers guide you.  Realize that making it through the door is a big accomplishment, and let us do the rest.  Focus on being strong and healthy, and don’t change a thing.


See you in class,



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