Aaaaahhhh… September is here at last. The sun is finally shining and I LOVE seeing everyone returning to Burn after their much-needed vacations. I’ve noticed an amazing energy in all of the studios this past week. You all seem really refreshed, motivated and ready to work. Welcome back!!

Classic Pilates via 80s Jane Fonda Workouts

I’ve been spending time in and out of the studios focusing on coming up with new takes on classic Pilates and strength training moves. I found an old Jane Fonda workout DVD (digitally remastered from an original 80’s VHS of course) and I had a blast working out 80s style. Once I got past the fantastic hair/makeup/leotards worn by the people in the video, I found that some of the movements were actually really hard. What made them hard was not the movements themselves, but the different speeds at which Jane (and I as her dutiful follower) executed them.

Basic Movements

The most basic movements can seem very different and much more challenging when approached from different angles and/or performed at different speeds.¬†What I am feeling the most are the slight tweaks I’ve been making to arm springs and ab work on the mat. Look for some new moves next week that will take you to the next level. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

So, here’s a special shout out to Jane Fonda – thanks for reminding me to get back to basics, both with my own workouts, and those that I teach.

See you in class,

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