My My My, Delilah!

Join Burn Instructor and Nutrition Consultant Delilah Bisase on Sunday, September 25th at 1pm at our Market St. studio for an informative, interactive, free Nutrition Seminar.


“I’ll be talking about how to make food choices to keep our energy up and sustain us throughout the day, avoiding afternoon “crashes”, and how to time meals to get the most out of our workout at Burn. We will also cover easy and convenient healthy eating tips, food prep ideas and batch cooking how-to’s.”

Delilah joined the Burn team in 2014.  She has received her bachelors of science degree in dietetics at San Francisco State University. She believes two of the strongest tools we have in managing our overall health and wellbeing are what we put in our body (diet) and how we use our body (exercise). Her interests in health and wellness and food justice have brought her to where she is now working in community nutrition. She feels that once we start to view our diet as the nuts and bolts and fuel to keep the machine running that is our body, we will have a vested interest in maintaining this machine the best way possible- through a balanced diet of whole foods and regular exercise.


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