Meet Stephanie & Gabriela

Started at the front desk now we’re here. Stephanie joined the Burn team with hopes of achieving her ultimate wedding body. She fell in love with taking class and the healthy life style that followed. Now that she’s happily married, and in the best shape of her life, the next obvious step was to teach! Stephanie lives in San Francisco with her hubby, 3 dogs, a cat, and a goat. She has a passion for health, beauty, and fitness.

Growing up playing competitive soccer and running track, Gabriela has a love for all things related to health and fitness. She has explored strength and agility courses, power lifting, running, yoga, pilates, dance, boxing, and bootcamps (just to name a few!) and has a deep passion for learning about the amazing capacity of the body. She is a 200hr registered Yoga Teacher trained in NYC and continues to take advantage of learning about different ways to get connected with body, emotions, and soul. Gabriela encourages students to find their edge by listening to their body, discovering new depths, and finding strength within themselves.

Community Classes

It’s no secret that we think our New Instructors are pretty special. After completing training, they spend countless hours practice teaching in the studios to their friends, family and mentor instructors. We’ve been so blown away by their practice classes that we’ve decided to start inviting ALL Burn clients to participate. Community classes will take place during non-Burn class times, will be FREE, and open to one and all. Please come support new teachers while getting a kickass workout.

Monday, Jan 30th:
Market Ysabel, 11am
Tuesday, Jan 31st:
Valencia Alexa, 11am
Thursday, Feb 2nd:
Valencia Alexa, 11am
Friday, Feb 3rd:
Irving Christian, 1pm
Tuesday, Feb 7th:
Irving Ysabel, 11am

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Oakland, you completely blew us away this month. Your energy, passion and STRENGTH were inspiring. Thank you to all who participated in the 21-Day Challenge!!!!!!!

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