Week 4 of Sarah Koszyk’s Nutrition Tips

  Nutrition Tip: Are you staying fueled for that cardio? Learn to control your hunger and make sure to eat every 3-4 hours. Having a healthy snack available is important…

Cardio in the Springs Tutorial

Love cardio? Learn the best cardio exercises in the springs with this tutorial!

Week 3 of Sarah Koszyk’s Nutrition Tips

Nutrition Tip: Keep those abs tight and your core strong. The best way to maintain a fit belly is to control your Ghrelin (the hunger hormone). The key to keeping…

Ab Exercises Tutorial

Let this tutorial keep your core strong and healthy with various ab exercises taught by Lisa Corsello.

Squats and Lunges Tutorial

Looking to strengthen your legs? Learn the ins and outs of squats and lunges with this tutorial!

Week 1 of Sarah Koszyk's Nutrition Tips

  Get your Rainbow on with BURN this week and enjoy the colors of the rainbow by eating your fruits and vegetables. Start your challenge off right and see if…

Bicep Exercise Tutorial

Improve your strength with Lisa’s Bicep exercise tutorial!

Measuring Baseline Data

In this video, you will learn how to gauge your strength with various exercises.

How Joyce Grimm feels about Burn

I’m not sure anyone wants to see sweaty photos of me but I do know many people probably feel the same about what they get out of class.  I get…

#6Weeks2Burn 2015

  Last year’s #6Weeks2Burn was so popular that we are rolling out another challenge this summer! The Challenge – Take 4 classes each week between June 21st and August 2nd –…