IdealFit Protein Bars
These are SO much better than store bought!

I used the IdealFit Vanilla Protein Powder, but the Cake Batter or Chocolate Brownie flavor would be just as amazing. Shop here for all IdealFit products.

Now, you can also go and buy cashew and almond butter and mix the butters and protein powder together in a bowl-but I like making everything from scratch when I can!

· 2 scoops IdealFit protein powder
· 1 cup cashews
· 1 cup almonds
· Teaspoon of maple syrup or honey
· Teaspoon of vanilla extract
· (have ready a few drops/tablespoons of almond or soy milk)
· handful of dark chocolate chips, dried fruits or shredded coconut

In a food processor, blitz the cashews and almonds until smooth. Add the protein powder, and blitz until mixed. You might need to add a few drops of soy or almond milk so that the dough does come together. Shape dough into bars or balls. Press the dark chocolate chips, or fruit (like cranberries or goji berries) or shredded coconut onto the top of the bars. Keep sealed in the fridge until you want to eat them!


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