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Be Present
What I love most about teaching at burn is that it’s the two hours in a day where I am most in the moment. Thinking about the music, the moves, clients and form – my brain stays 100% in the moment without worrying about my to do list or what tomorrow will bring or what yesterday didn’t. I’d like to work on being present in more moments of life just like that. To just be.

Less Knee Pain
As for professional, I had to go through physical therapy for knee pain over the last few months and I’ve noticed it in my clients a lot more too. I was able to learn that a lot of our knee pain comes from strong primary muscles (quads and calves), and weaker secondary muscles. A lot of knee pain can be avoided by strengthening the hips and the gluteus medius. I intend to incorporate more hip strengthening exercises for my clients to help keep their joints safe!


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