Meet Jill, she has been a member at BurnSF since 2009. Jill shares her story of why she came to Burn, what brings her back, and why she is just plain awesome.  Jill Diamond

1) What brought you to BurnSF and what keeps you coming back?

I came to Burn to manage stress and get in shape. I come back for the awesome workout, the fantastic instructors, and because at Burn I learn the lyrics to all the newest pop songs.

2) What do you love to hate about BurnSF?

Push-ups. They’re tough but I love how strong I feel when I do them.

3) When not at Burn, where can you be found in the city?

Walking around the Mission on sunny days. At home reading, writing, or baking. Anywhere with soft-serve ice cream and/or a good dirty martini.

4) Tell us one interesting fact someone might not know about you.

I’m obsessed with cowboy boots. I won’t tell you how many pairs I own, but it’s at least ten.

5) Kids? Ages? Pets?

No kids, one lazy but exceptionally adorable cat.

6) How often do you Burn?

As often as I can when I’m not traveling. Usually six to seven days a week.

7) Give a little back story about yourself

I migrated to SF from wintry Maine. My “real” job is practicing law but I am also an aspiring children’s book writer. I am an only child, so if you hear me talking to myself, don’t make fun of me.

8) What inspires you?

My friends, my family, the great people at Burn, music, fashion and cake.

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