Your hashtags for this week are #6Weeks2Burn, #Begin2Burn

Ways to earn points towards PRIZES! 


  • Capture a picture of your excitement to start the challenge and be sure to include both hashtags #6Weeks2Burn and #Begin2Burn
  • Capture a picture of your healthy eating habits, your organization of the healthy foods in the pantry, or your “healthy creation of the day” and be sure to hashtag #peruvianpowerfoods along with your weekly assigned hashtags


  • Man the tweet deck and using #6Weeks2burn and #Burn2Begin tell your friends and family that you are about to embark on a 6-Week Burn Challenge to a stronger, healthier, YOU


  • Check- In to your classes throughout the week and  be sure to use your hashtags!
  • You can additionally share your support and BURN LOVE on the #6weeks2burn facebook group

Workout On Your Own!

  • Post a pic, Tweet, or Facebook,  YOU  post your at home workout either after doing the Burn DVD, or the Burn Workout of the week. This is a good way to make up points when you can’t make it to classes (*hint*hint)
  • Check out Lisa Corsello’s Video for your Week 1 Outside of Burn Challenge and great stretching ideas that can help you unwind after your Burn workouts. In addition we are including your sleep, measurement, and progress tracker that you can download and print out to keep at home and track your progress as the weeks go by.

Track Your Progress: 

  • Go to the #6weeks2burn Facebook page to download your progress sheet or email for an emailed copy

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