Aurora is an ACE certified personal trainer, PN certified nutrition coach, and Burn Master Trainer.  She loves the way fitness makes her feel, and is overjoyed at the opportunity to bring Burn to the community in the South Bay.  Aurora loves programming classes that are balanced and functional, but also challenging fun (…there *might* be burpees).  Her favorite moment is when you realize that you are stronger than you thought, and her goal is to send you home from class sweaty and happy.  Let’s #bringtheburn, South Bay!

1.  Your Hometown: San Francisco

2.  Your favorite food: Frozen berries and almond milk blended into “icecream” by my Blendtec.  But also any berry pie from any baker, and the Thai scone from Craftsman and Wolves.

3.  Your favorite Cardio move: B U R P E E S, but you already knew that 🙂

4.  Favorite TV show/movie: Mindy Project, New Girl, Game of Thrones, anything on Comedy Central, CNN newsroom, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Modern Family, Community, Arrested Development.  So yeah, its comedy, I like comedy.  And dragons.

5.  Favorite Stretch: IT band stretch, with a towel assisted chest stretch at a close second.

6.  Favorite Ab exercise: Alligators

7.  Favorite workout music/genre/artist: I LOVE classical compositions that have been remixed with an EDM beat over them.  Perfect for Arm Springs!  Right now I’m also lovin Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots, the new Run the Jewels album, electroswing, Clean Bandit, and Canto del Pilon by Milk and Sugar.

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