Since 2009 we have been challenging our clients with a revolutionary and highly effective workout

The equipment we use and the way we use it can be modified to challenge everyone from athletes looking to improve performance to those just beginning to get back to the gym. We keep our classes intimate, so you get all of the benefits of personal training in a motivating, high energy group environment.

Here’s How It Works


Pilates springs and custom-made resistance bands firm and lengthen the entire body while increasing flexibility and engaging the core.

HIIT Drills

High Intensity Cardio bursts increase your heart rate, build endurance and shred calories.

Mat Work

Classic Pilates series to strengthen your core and improve posture.

Free Weights

Functional strength training with free weights tones your muscles, makes you strong, and helps prevent injuries.

55 Minutes

Everything you need in under an hour.

All Levels

Everyone is welcome at Burn. All classes are all Levels, because we don’t believe in labels. Our trainers know how to challenge. motivate and modify to ensure a great workout.