Dear Burn,

I have had so much fun and gained so much knowledge and self confidence through Burn. It has always been my dream to work in the fitness industry and what a great company and crew to start out with. I am so thankful for all the time Lizbeth, Adaline, and Lisa have put into training me. They have all molded me into a decent teacher. Taking Jill’s classes really helped me up my game in challenging my clients. Jill is a great teacher and a great person. This all shines through when taking her classes. What a wonderful asset you have in her. with out hearing her give tips or taking her classes with Jill I would not be nearly as good as I am now.

I have made great friends through Burn whom I hope will come visit me in San Diego. I know I will be back visiting SF soon to see all the lovely faces I will be missing. I appreciate the opportunities, strength, and guidance I have experienced and will definitely keep all that I have learned and all you gals with me.


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