Week 3 Kick Off! You are almost half way through the 6-week challenge. Just remember that we select a new winner at the end of every week, so stay strong and committed. This week’s hashtag is #whatBurnfeelslike and your video was filmed in order to bring you a taste of the “BURN” feeling right in your very own living room or on the go. It took me quite a while to decide on how I wished to describe Burn to someone who had never taken a class, and I realized how challenging this is as everyone has a very unique relationship with their own bodies and with fitness. Burn, and the feeling I get both in classes and ¬†outside the studio is one of comfortability and acceptance. This is not to say that the Burn workout is “comfortable.” In fact- I love how it makes me push well outside my comfort zone into an area that I was so unaware my fitness levels could be taken to and always wanting to come back for more.

I can’t share enough with you how positive the feeling for me is, connecting with the music, my body, and for me (cardio) to come up with that simultaneous feeling of struggle and release all at once. I have fallen in love now with the way my muscles burn, my body sweats, and my mind moves through various stages of fierce intensity to quiet release. The energy can be electric within the room, every person pushing hard together with a leader who genuinely cares for your fitness and the moments she/he gets to spend with you in that hour. You know you are taken care of, and you know you will be challenged. Burn feels like an entire community of strong, unique, and vibrant individuals connecting deeper with their bodies- and I am happy just to be a small part of it all. This week I want YOU to connect with the feelings within you of every moment in Burn. I challenge you not to let the outside world distract you from the personal time you have set aside for yourself with each changing day. Dedicate each and every moment to yourself, and find that positive path towards being able to slow down the moment and live a little longer in it…even if that moment is full of burpees.

This video is cardio and plyometric heavy and all you need is space wide enough to do a few planks and squat jumps in, a towel, and some water close by. I have broken up the video to be done in timed segments.

Beginners: 30 Seconds per exercise

Intermediate: 45 Seconds per exercise

Advanced: 1 Minute per exercise

Set your interval timers on your phone and get ready to sweat. Push as hard as you can, attempting to get as many repetitions in as you can in your allotted time, and repeat the entire workout if you have the energy to go a few more rounds. The workout is broken down below the video as well. Remember to #whatBurnfeelslike this week in order to be counted for prize winnings at the end of week 3. Use your hashtag in your tweets, instagrams, and facebook posts along with the #6weeks2burn to be entered to win prizes at the end of the week!

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