Dear Burn Community,
This week’s hash tag is #burninspires, which is a great topic for me to expand upon–not only from what inspires me, but also what inspires my workout for you to do this week at home.
Finding  inspiration can be one of the few keys that helps you stay committed and strong throughout the 6 week challenge.
The initial rush of excitement  when signing up for any new challenge is a electric, however, the tough part continues to be dedicating yourself to your goals for an entire 6 weeks! The mental and emotional components to this or any challenge are often times more challenging that the physical (although up to 5 classes a week is definitely a challenge too!). That is why its so important to find and remain inspired. How do we find it, hold onto the feelings, and preserver when the challenges become bigger and “life” get’s in the way?   I find that inspiration lies all around us all the time.  Inside and outside of the Burn studios inspiration is abundant and we just have to acknowledge it,  feel it,  and let it take us to the next level in order to hold strong.  Remember you have a community at  #6weeks2Burn, and we can help each other to stay motivated and push through.
I find inspiration in each and every one of you. I find it in the energy being given off from the Burn client falling in love for the first time, or the veteran always pushing for one more repetition. I find it from other instructors, I find it watching you all push harder when you don’t have any more inside you and still do. I find it watching our pregnant clients Burn until they have to step away and have their baby; and then watching those same clients return to Burn again to get themselves back on track and in shape.  Watching clients push through pain and exhaustion, pushing your limits each day.  Watching you make deeper connections to your bodies and gaining control over your springs.  Watching your form improve with time.  Watching you work through hangovers, heartaches, losses and victories.  Watching you become stronger here at Burn so you can be stronger outside the studio in every facet of your life. All of our instructors find inspiration in YOU.  Finally, and most importantly (to me), in class there is always the music!   The music also helps inspire us to connect our bodies with our minds and spirits.  Music makes the people come together…..
You get what you give, keep on moving forward each day.  Celebrate your successes, however small.  We are here every step of our journey to support you all.  #burninspires.
I am playing one of my favorite songs during the workout I have put together for you (Robin Schulz & Dansir- Never Know Me). This workout is a core challenge to the MAX! I am also doing every movement with you in real time. For those that want a breakdown of the workout you can find it after this video OR on the youtube site in the description part of the video. Make sure you have enough room to perform the exercises that include planks or quadraped position and an ab challenge in the seated position.


This video includes the #hashtag of the week and Ryan’s Core Challenge. The workout is in real time be every movement is in reps of 10 for Beginners and 15-20 for Advanced. So it’s time to dig deeper and follow along at home! The workout is written out below as well

Part 1:
1. Modified Roll Downs
2. Alternating Twist Backs
3. Russian Twists
4. Seated “Pulse Ups”

Part 2:
Level 1: Performed in quadraped position
Level 2: Performed in Plank Position

1. Leg Extension Left Side
2. Straight Leg Raises Left Side
3. Bird Dogs Left Side
4. Bird Dog Lifts Left Side
5. Straight leg tap outs Left Side
6. Spider knees Left Side
7. Cross Body Knees Left Side
Repeat on Right Side

Part 3:

1. Glute Bridge
2. Cross Ankle Glute Bridge Left Leg over Right
3. Cross Ankle Glute Bridge Pulses Left Leg over Right
4. Repeat Cross Leg Glute Bridges/ Pulses Right Leg over Left
5. Single Leg Bridge- Left Leg
6. Single Leg Bridge Sweep – Left Leg
7. Repeat Single Leg Bridge and Sweep on Right Leg
Glute Stretch 🙂


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