I hope everyone is having an awesome #6Weeks2Burn. From the lively energy at the Market kick-off party to the daily classes which are packed; it is so fun to see the Burn community come together to reach their goals.

As someone who builds digital communities for a living, I am loving the Facebook group. It’s so neat to read everyone’s stories and their commitment to Burn. The photos and content really are a testament to how impactful Burn is in everyone’s lives—both mentally and physically.  And, what an eclectic group us Burn-ers are.

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For me, #6Weeks2Burn has been awesome. I live a fairly unstructured schedule with working from home 3 days a week. Burn has given me a routine that has affected all aspects of my life—from my 9–5 to passion projects. I’ve been able to focus more these last few weeks than most of last year. Each day I workout and then write after. I don’t know about you guys, but my creative energy is always heightened after Burn. Also, my head is clear to focus on the tasks at hand. I have been able to accomplish a lot of goals, that I was terrified to start.

I know that Summer of Strength is not about getting bikini ready, but I have a wedding in Cabo this month to attend, and I am feeling super confident in all of my summer clothes. I feel strong and toned!

Okay off to Lisa’s 9am class on Valencia! Wish me luck!

-Kate Talbot


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