Welcome to #6weeks2Burn starting it’s official launch day on May 11th. Join us for a FREE nutrition seminar on Saturday May 10th with Sarah Koszyk from MV Nutrition at our Broadway location 12:30-2:30 for the start of the nutritional guidance to the program. RSVP via the Facebook Page #6Weeks2Burn

What is it?
An all encompassing 6-week challenge to organize your nutrition, body, and mind towards meeting your goals over the span of six short weeks.

How do I earn “points” for rewards?

Each SUNDAY we will post your “theme” of the week, followed by easy step-by-step instructions in earning points to an overall reward and a BIG reward at the end of the challenge. Every time you come to a class during the 6 week challenge you earn a point, and every time you Tweet/Instagram/Facebook Check-In or Facebook post (according to that week’ ‪#‎hashtag‬) you can earn a point. We tally up the points you earn at the end of each week and the client(s) with the most points wins a prize. Winners announced every Sunday and the overall winner announced at the end of the six weeks.

Head to the Facebook page or Burn SF blog to get further details each week. Ask questions, post comments, and share your journey along the way. Just search #6weeks2burn to find the page and to meet your group! 

What does it include?
Support from your entire Burn SF staff and members in the challenge. Weekly nutrition advice from our RD Sarah Kosykz. Weekly recipes and video blogs from Sarah as well as a nutrition seminar on May 10th to measure body fat, take measurements, and answer questions about how to properly fuel for the challenge. Sarah will be providing 20% off any custom packages for meal plans and guidance when mentioning‪#‎6weeks2burn‬.

In addition to your awesome Burn workouts (which we are having you go to up to 5x a week) we will provide an “outside of studio” workout you can do in your home, the park, or at the gym that is body weight and helps you to focus with the theme we provide each week. We will also guide you through some restorative stretches and highlight members from our team for you to meet each week.

Who is it for?

Everyone! Especially those looking for a little kick start before the summer.
You can always modify your workouts when needed and find support via the group.

How much does it cost?

Nada! Just your effort and commitment to yourself and we will provide the rest.
Classes however, are not included in the program.

How do I join?

Just join the facebook group #6weeks2burn and you are in! The challenge doesn’t begin until May 10th, and more details will come before then. Not on facebook? Just shoot rachaelfrank@burnsf.com an email letting her know you want to be counted in the challenge. We will also update our blog every Sunday with additional details and instructions.


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